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Unbridled Development Group

Cain and Roberta Quam, Judy Wright & David Beriault / Gateways Counselling present the “Unbridled-Set Yourself Free” Workshop Series

Each workshop uniquely blends 3 disciplines: horse training, counseling and yoga. Within the context of these blends, workshops have evolved that are so uniquely designed that they can be compared to the blending of fine wines. Each of the presenters is considered "masters" in their own fields and has culminated to this pinnacle through study, apprenticeship and practice.


Cain Quam has devoted his entire life to developing his own unique training system to teach horses how to think and thus encourage them to evolve into the highest quality of horse possible. He understands the horse, their language and their reactions like no other trainer. He is able to make unique and bold connections with the horse. Cain has the uncanny ability to get a horse to “think” and stop reacting to the world. Cain is known for his clarity and wisdom not only with horses but also with people and has a keen ability to see situations as they are.

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Roberta Quam

 Roberta Quam has spent her adult life as a seeker and a learner. She has studied many disciplines of self development, energy work and yoga. She currently is a well-known yoga instructor who is actively sought out for her heart and clear teaching of yoga.

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 Judy Wright

Judy Wright is a counsellor who has spent 23 years refining the tools and techniques that she utilizes within her practice and workshops to assist people in taking that next jump.


She is traditionally trained in psychology (currently working on her Masters of Educational psychology), many counseling disciplines (Reality Therapy, trainer of Neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, couples, co-dependency and more); and many earth based energetic systems,( Reiki Master, Huna holder of energetic transmissions, Peruvian shamanism, Hawaiian shamanism, and has studied with many aboriginal healers).

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David Beriault

 David Beriault has devoted his life to teaching and guiding young people to places of greater confidence and wholeness. David holds his teaching degree, has taught Chemistry in an understandable way for 33 years and currently is head of guidance department at Archbishop M.C. O’Neill High School for 10 years. David is known for his quiet calm and wise approach to life.

Unbridled-Set Yourself Free

A workshop that is designed to assist you in personal self development. This workshop focuses on developing authenticity, congruency, boundaries, focus, verbal and non-verbal communication, create effective relationships and connect to self and the world around you.

Feel the magic of being connected to the horse in a safe and supportive environment. No riding is involved. 

This weekend incorporates yoga, NLP, goal setting, personal coaching, timeline therapy and one-on-one time with horses who will lead you to a deeper inner awareness of you. Come with an intent or focus of what you want different in your life and we (the horses and us) will help you get closer to that dream!

Unbridled- Love with Intent

Today we are all faced with the complications and busyness of our world, still when people are asked what they most want is a committed, passionate and loving relationship. Yet, few people have this. Why is that? Because more of us have not been taught how to create that relationship. Do you want a loving, accepting, resourceful, passionate relationship? Are you ready to take the next step to have it?

Unbridled-Love with intent is a workshop that has been specifically designed to break those old patterns that inhibit you from having that deep connect relationship. True acceptance, true support, true friendship, honest communication and true, deep passionate love; of you could only imagine.

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