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Training Fees

We encourage you to ride your horse when you pick them up to make sure you are on the right path together and will continue in a grounded respectful and trusted relationship.


Cain's Preparation Horse Training Program is available on a monthly basis for your horse:

Horse Training

$1300 + Taxes / monthly

Tune-up Training

These are provided to horses currently boarding and are available on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Costs calculated based on monthly rate.

Additional Coaching Hours (Person Training)

These sessions can be one-on-one or with a group with Cain Quam and provide depth to the riders ability to read and effectively work/ride their horse. 

$100.00 + GST per Session

Rider/Horse Assessment

$200 + GST

This is for those that are considering buying a new horse and want expert advise on whether they are making a good purchase or not.  It is also a  good idea for those that may be questioning if the horse they own is a good fit.


My perspective on training horses has deepened over time and has developed into the strategies and methodologies that I currently utilize.  Although my training utilizes physical maneuvers or exercises, it is strongly connected to the horse's mental and emotional state.  In order to control the horse's body, you must have a mental connection to their mind.  This connection is established through effectively reading the horses body language. 


This comes back to changing the horse, the horse is naturally in a reactive state of mind and I shift their mental state to a "thinking" state of mind through a series of physical approaches or exercises.  Simply put, I change them from a reactive state to a thinking state.  I use these physical exercises and approaches to reach deep enough into the horses' mental physiology to truly shift how that horse operates in the world.  In order for me to accomplish this, I had to develop a set of unique techniques that are very different from some of the current strategies that are used to work with horses.


I believe that anyone that is having trouble in a specific area with their horse, is just getting feedback from their horse that they are not thoroughly prepared for that specific task or challenge that they are being asked to do.  The first thing I do with a horse is to gain the horses' respect.  Once I have established a respectful relationship, I can build on this and move to develop a relationship built on trust that is grounded in respect.   Then I strategically breakdown into little pieces every challenge and stimuli that the horse may encounter in their horse/human relationship.  These pieces become the building blocks of preparation. 


In each of these blocks of preparation, I strategically build confidence and respect in the horse effectively preparing them for the next level of training. If the horse has issues at any level of training, that is only feedback that the horse needs to return to one of the previous blocks of development to be prepared more thoroughly.  I have the ability to move backwards and forwards through my blocks of preparation which effectively prepares my horse.  Thus, each horse can be trained, paying attention to the specific needs of that individual.


Within my program I ensure that I provide enough challenge to keep my horse connected.  There is a danger in preparing the horse without challenging them.  The consequence of not mentally challenging a horse is that they become bored.  They can shut off, lose respect and become disconnected.  The goals of my training program are to create a relationship built on respect, trust and connection.  If the horse shuts off, you will lose that connection. 


Another goal of my program is to have horses prepared in a manner that they are confident so that they can handle adverse situations opposed to desensitizing or shutting off.  Quite often horses that are numb or dull or bomb proof, so to speak, are not safe.  In reality the safest horses are the ones that are respectful, trusting but also have learned to live in their thinking brain and through this process have become very confident horses.  A horse that is shut off or dull but doesn't respect their human partner, still has the ability to explode or act out, especially when the horse becomes uncomfortable. 


A respectful, thinking horse will look to their human as their leader and will seek their help when the horse is in trouble.  Again, this is what I create in my program, a relationship first built on respect which is dependent on trust. I teach the horse to move from the reactive brain to the thinking brain and establish the human as an effective and safe leader.  For the horse owner to enjoy the full potential of their horse/human relationship, they must also understand how to effectively communicate with their horse.  Cain offers private lessons, group lessons and clinics.

Cowboy at Work

Professional Horse Training

Cain will consult with you and your horse and develop a program schedule that is appropriate for you and your horses needs.  Cain establishes training goals, benchmarks and feedback mechanisms for you and your horse throughout the training.  

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