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Cain Quam Performance Horses

Photo credit to Nicole Englot



Cain has spent his life developing his skills as a clinician, horse trainer and competitor. He has found success in all areas of the horse world and his skills have been showcased in events across North America.

What he consistently brings to the plate is his patience, understanding and connection with the horse - and the crowd. Cain isn't there just for the horse, he strongly believes in education and supporting people through their horse journey. Cain had started his show career training cutting and cow horses, earning many titles along the way. Cain has trained many horses and has coached multiple non-pros to world and Canadian titles in multiple disciplines.

In 2012 Cain transitioned his business into focusing on mounted shooting. He has had many successes in the sport, the highlight being Mens 5 world champion and 4th overall at the world show in Amarillo, Texas 2023. He has attended some of the largest CMSA shoots in the world and has taken a buckle and/or money at every shoot! Cain still loves working with the cutters and cow horses and trains for many other disciplines, including barrel racing, roping, preparing horses and their riders for trail riding.

Cain Quam CWA 2019 mounted shooting

Cain Quam CWA 2019 mounted shooting

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